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Phoenix Mills

 This upscale mill compound of South Mumbai which has malls, entertainment centers, night clubs uses Livedarshan IP Surveillance Solution for local security and remote surveillance.

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This busy mills compound with malls, night clubs etc. having a traffic of a million visitors every month wanted to ensure security on the grounds more efficiently than with an expensive security guard service and also wanted to monitor the traffic visiting the complex as well as the parking lots.
• Livedarshan’s Wireless Video Surveillance Solution.
• Wireless Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras.
• All weather Dome enclosures.
• Wireless Equipment.
• Central Monitoring/Recording Software & Server.
• Savings of thousands of rupees per month have been realized while the protection of people and property has improved significantly.
• Being a very large complex managing the security was quite a challenge for the Security Head. The Livedarshan Surveillance System has provided him with an efficient one point management system.
He can operate the cameras to zoom around and view any angle of activities going on in this busy compound and also monitor the parking lots.
• 24/7 Recorded Video can be used to revert back any incidents that occurred.