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With a 1000sq.ft area and 3 different sections to be monitored (Bar, Kitchen, Office area, Tables) this Moshe’s, food and beverage requires that the owner can have remote access to their video surveillance for keeping on top of activities when he is at home or in another city.
 Livedarshan’s video surveillance software.
 Pan, Tilt, Zoom Network Cameras.
 Pan, Tilt Network Cameras.
 Fixed Network Cameras.
Via the web, owner can view live or recorded images, anytime from anywhere. PTZ cameras can be moved around from any remote location and with mobile phone. 24/7 recording of all the cameras can be viewed as per date and time. MOSHE’S has PTZ, PT & Fixed Network Cameras, which is open daily from noon to midnight, but the surveillance system is running round the clock. They use the Livedarshan’s motion detection facility, which keeps down the number of recordings during closing hours. The cameras are placed at the entrances and exits, over the bars and kitchen, the lounge and restaurant areas.