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Grinar Tea

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Tea producers chain Girnar Tea – 20 different locations in Mumbai, this tea producers chain requires that the owners can have remote access to these 20 locations for keeping on top of activities as they cannot be at all locations at the same time.
Livedarshan’s IP Technology, – Pan / Tilt IP Cameras with Dome enclosures at all different 20 locations.
 Via the web, owner can view live or recorded images, anytime from anywhere.
• Saving Time and Energy of traveling to each branch everyday.
• The managers also keep an eye on the cash counter, and thus have an idea about the cash transactions and the traffic at the shop.
• They use the Livedarshan’s multiple view facility, by which they can view all the locations together on 1 screen. With the 2 way audio feature they can also hear their employee-customer conversations at the same time.
Equipment Used: PT3112