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Sagar Holiday Resorts, Ooty


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Spread over 2 acres of lush green mountain slope, Sagar Holiday Resorts is located in Scenic Valley View with the backdrop of gorgeous mountains and breathtaking valleys, enchanting forest & calm lakes with cloud at your feet at Ooty.
In order to protect people and property, and to ensure smooth functioning of the enterprise, the resort found it necessary to upgrade its limited outdoor surveillance installation, and sought Livedarshan’s help in planning and implementing the security project. The resort hoped to build the new surveillance system around cameras in an IP network using BSNL Broadband and wired Ethernet. It required cameras that could deliver excellent picture quality day and night, with robust waterproofing features to allow them to be used outdoors. An additional requirement, owing to the desire not to mar the appearance of carefully designed grounds, was that the cameras be attractively styled and discreet in appearance. The resort needed cameras which could monitor its cash counter at the main reception and a wide coverage camera which would cover the entire view of the hotel from outside as well as the surrounding scenic view.
Livedarshan’s PZLIV 8111/21 is a high-performance network camera featuring 10x optical zoom and pan/tilt functionality. The built-in 10x motorized optical zoom module provides greater depth of field when zoomed in. Therefore, it can display clear-cut images on near or distant objects. The camera was installed outside on the topmost point of the hotel on the terrace, with flexible 300-degree pan and 135-degree tilt. It covered a wide area and the full breathtaking valley view.
The other 2 cameras PTLIV 7135 were put at the reception hall which was very huge, one at the cash counter and the other at the corner of the ceiling  The PTLIV 7135 delivers excellent image quality up to 30fps in VGA resolution and offers superior low light performance, the wide pan/tilt range enables users to locate any position in the viewable area within seconds. The hotel owner lived in Mumbai, from his Mumbai home he could administer and view the live images remotely using a standard web browser on any PC. Images can be recorded on a hard disk, enabling easy search possibilities, easy storage and no image degradation or wear. The hard disk can be located at a remote location for security purposes, furthermore through a good internet connectivity (speed) the PZLIV 8111/21 supports two way audio where in the camera can be plugged with external microphone as well as external speakers for communication. So the owner sitting in Mumbai could communicate with his staff in Ooty through his speakers and mike while viewing the camera on his PC and thus he was very happy with the full system.