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T&F Oro (Tikamdas & Finja) Jewellery Manufacturers

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Where brilliance is especially important: T&F Oro Factory India gets the highest security for elegant production and business.

Since 1885, Tikamdas-Motiram group have been crafting dazzling creations in the bangle industry. Their cutting-edge manufacturing skills and high precision quality has made them a trusted brand. Seconds only matter, if the exquisite factory becomes the targets of gangs of criminals.
 It is difficult to imagine armed robberies in broad daylight in the heart of a big city. However, the danger of highly organized robberies is growing from year to year. Modern security systems in banks, heavily secured transports and the increasing security of warehouses and factories where valuable goods are made and stored no longer leave much opportunity for the activities of criminal elements, and their modus operandi is changing. Lightning attacks, almost equivalent to confidence tricks, by organized gangs are a new dimension of the threat to the owners and operators of exclusive shops. Modern security technology can counteract this.

State Of the Art Video Surveillance:
The heart of the security system is the newly installed IP-based video surveillance system. For the control of the video system and documentation of the data, Raia Jewels uses the software from Livedarshan. With the software, the entire system can not only be controlled and incidents observed in real time from various points in the factory, but also, the user is able to access all the stored video data from any of the rooms. Data transmission is by means of a separate network. The Software is user-friendly, which enables even users with little training in security systems to instinctively take the right action, and does not require extensive training. A further important reason is the reliability and openness of the system, which allows for extensions at any time.
 The camera technology employs the latest generation of Livedarshan IP cameras. For the surveillance of the entire factory, Livedarshan LIV-FD-7131, LIV-7135, LIV-PTZ-7111 network cameras are used, which ensure sharp images even in difficult lighting conditions which include bright light outdoors and in the interior of the shop. The IP technology of the cameras can handle high levels of contrast, is sensitive to light and the cameras are designed so as to look good in the elegant atmosphere.
In the manufacturing rooms themselves and for accounts, marketing and waiting room, LIV-FD-7131 & LIV-7135 fixed cameras are installed, which enable an over overview of the entire factory with excellent imaging quality. LIV-FD-7131 cameras are also used to monitor the safes, in order to deliver literally “brilliant” images and also provide Video Capture on PIR (Body Heat) & Motion Detection in complete darkness with IR Lights. The new video system is a quantum jump in comparison with the old analogue technology and is worthy of the elegant products.

Besides Video Surveillance System, as Livedarshan provides complete turn key solutions –
• The viewing of the complete system was integrated on a television with complete control.
• All the cameras used on his remote sites, being viewed online were integrated with the existing local system. Providing a complete centralized solution.
• Centralized Power Supply through transformers was integrated, for easy management etc.
Naturally, protection against financial loss is a motivation for the increased security measures. However, it was just as important for those responsible to give staff a feeling of security during their work. Peace of mind was a further argument for the installation of this security measure, which was achieved.